Saturday, March 7, 2009

dean turns four

It was a scrumptious day for a race! Dean's fourth birthday party was my "away from home birthday party" debut. It was nice... except I forgot chairs... and forks... and something to light the candle with... that would've been a nice touch. Soooo, besides all that it was like a dream. My parents arrived in town yesterday afternoon with a John Deere Gator, charged and ready to ride. For the party, we invited all Dean's friends along with their battery-operated ride-on toys. Everyone rode until all the batteries were dead. They took a few swings at a stubborn pinata and ate cake (without forks).  Dean didn't even want to stop and open presents! Now he's starting the 3rd hour of his nap. Bless.

So, if you're planning a race at the park for your child's birthday here are a few tips for success...
1. Don't forget forks
2. Plan the party at a non-meal time (10am is perfect) so you won't have to provide a meal
3. Don't get balloons... they just flap in the wind all day and get on everyone's nerves
4. Make sure the park has benches or some seating for adult party-goers
5. Choose a grassy area for the race (it cushions the crashes... 4 year olds like to crash!)

o.k. Go to a lot of trouble for someone you love today! It's so worth it. Love, love!

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  1. I love the cars!! Such a great idea. My 10 year old would love it too :)