Thursday, June 18, 2009

a tad early

Dear Fathers, happy day! Love, me. I know it's a bit early to send happy Father's Day wishes, but it must be done today for 4 reasons. #1, Once every seven years or so my birthday falls on Father's Day. Such is the case this year. I like to make a much bigger deal of Father's Day on these occasions so that everyone will see how nice I am for sharing my day and make a much bigger deal out of my birthday in return. #2, I couldn't stand having Charlie's present any longer. I'm not good at secrets or surprises. #3, We will actually be spending Father's Day (and my birthday) driving 12 hours to camp with the teenagers from our church. #4, I love Charlie... and my dad. I purchased a new pair of TOMS for Charlie. We love this organization and I've been waiting for the "recycled, stitch out" style to appear so I could buy some for him. I appreciate him so much. Tell your dad thank you this weekend!

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