Sunday, July 12, 2009

mexico mexico mexico

And we're home from Mexico. It was a long, hot, wonderful, fulfilling, miserable, hilarious, nauseating, amazing, eye-opening trip. Just under 400 children learned about Jesus because of the money, talents, broken spanish and gallons of sweat offered by 50 willing hearts. If it hadn't been for the goodness of our Creator, and sleeping on the roof of our "hotel" for fresh air, and a tiny Starbucks we found tucked away in the corner of the city, and the gorgeous artists market, and the little brown faces saying my name so excitedly... i would not have survived. 

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  1. Hi Mel,
    I sent you an e-mail at your hotmail address. You never answered so I checked this sight out. Its great just like you and Charlie. I see you stay very busy. Thats a good thing. I'm so glad to have gotten to go to Mexico and meet all of you that went. It was an awesome experience. I'd like to keep in touch. Herb thinks you are great too.