Wednesday, August 12, 2009

art journaling

I want keep a normal journal like normal people full of uniformed penmanship and honest, realistic goals. I really want to. But just when I sit down to write, I start thinking about how the writing would look much better over an acrylic paint background. And it's not enough to simply write about things I want or would like to do... no... I must dig through magazines and books for a picture to prove the point. Why can't I just write about being happy or sad or nervous... why do I have to draw a picture??? I have no idea. Maybe it's good that the inside of my journal looks just like the inside of my mind... maybe. O well, I'm sharing a few pages with you today. I'm working on a HUGE etsy shop update which might include a few art journaling kits for those of you who would like to try your hand at more creatively documenting your hopes and dreams.

ps... here's a picture of our family. It was recently taken for our church directory. When you have 3 toddlers, pictures that capture everyone's face all at one time are a real treasure to your heart. This one makes me smile.

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