Monday, August 31, 2009

friendly reminder

I'm declaring this week national "finish all your projects because your in-laws are coming in town from Georgia and you don't want them to think you live in a tornado of nastiness" week. Consider yourself reminded. First thing on today's agenda... I made a cover for this chair.

We found this chair in our neighbor's trash on a Sunday night months ago. The chair was in perfect condition, just needed some paint and love... and a cushion. So I painted it black last week and made the cushion today. Somehow the finished product was all inside out and upside down and backwards... maybe it wouldn't kill me to use a pattern every now and again. Anyway, I sort of love it. It's kind of Anthropologie-ish. O.K. gotta run... projects are waiting!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh girl. That's me with my PARENTS! I hope you have a successful project finishing week and a lovely visit!