Tuesday, August 18, 2009

quilt... day 26

Sometimes fabric combinations make me very excited... it just happens. I ordered these two fabrics from Heather Bailey's website and they are absolutely scrumptious. One will be the back of the quilt and the other will go around the sides (i'm sure the "go around the sides" part has a real name... like "binding" or "edging" or "border" or whatever). Sooooo... here's what I've learned so far... a full size sheet is WAYYY too big for quilt making if you're hand-sewing star shaped thingys all over it. Maybe if I were doing large, uncomplicated squares of fabric it would work... maybe. So, what's an abstract mind to do with a half-finished project that needs to get done fast? Of course! Cut the thing in half and call it a day!!! So now the quilt measures about 40in x 48in. About the size of a flat crib sheet. Still perfect for picnics and soccer games. I spent about 2 hours last night attaching these pinwheel thingys. Only a few more embellishments then I'll start sewing it all together.

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