Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day of school

Little Dean began 4 day pre-K big kid school today. Millie g. goes 2 days a week to preschool and baby Stella Belle goes 2 days a week to Mother's Day out. What does all this mean for me? It means that every Tuesday I drop the kids off in the carpool line and pull out of the school parking lot with no kids... i repeat... NO KIDS in the car! I'll be teaching art at the preschool on Wednesdays and Thursdays so Tuesday is well... to be honest... my favorite day of the week. It's quiet and perfect.
Anyway, they were so excited about starting school this morning. They helped make lunch and pack it up in their backpacks. Then they wore their backpacks around the house for about 45 minutes while they ate breakfast and got in the car. Adorable. ps... Millie G.'s dress is made out of an old shirt of mine that I never wear. I trimmed it down and added a plain white tank to the top. Yay for school! Yay for the end of a long hot summer!

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