Tuesday, September 15, 2009

need a moment

If your husband comes home thirty minutes early from work on his bicycle (which he rides every day in the Baton Rouge heat... rain or shine) and starts offering to clean up while you "go to the store real quick," it can only mean one thing... he's invited people over for dinner. So off I go the grocery market with my friend, little Dean. Since little Dean gave up watching the end of Sid the Science Kid to shop with me, I decided to get him (and me) a little treat. At the Starbucks drive-thru I ordered a tall soy latte (for me) and a vanilla frappuccino (no coffee, please) for little Dean. I handed the "milkshake" to him and heard something very unusual in the back seat... silence. Just sipping and smiling and after about 5 minutes a whisper "this is awesome." I started laughing so loud (really... is there any other way to laugh? no.) It was a precious moment. Anyway, we had a stupendous dinner with some nice friends that we've been praying will soon discover this Hope by which we live.

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  1. that dean of yours is one smart cookie! oh so adorable.. thanks for the late night laugh!