Wednesday, October 14, 2009

it rained yesterday

It rained yesterday. We couldn't go outside. The kids were especially... shall we say... rowdy? I had reached the end of my patience and energy, but NOT my creativity... NEVER my creativity! I shouted above the crowd (that consisted of a four, three and two year old), "Hey! Let's build a tent!" We started by drawing a picture of a great tent. Then we got some scrap wood from the garage and started building. I actually hammered and nailed this thing together. Then we used blankets, table cloths, twinkle lights, party decor, some kind of orange lawn mower string (that I'm sure Charlie will need soon and he won't have because it's holding blankets onto our tent), pillows, and lots of safety pins. When the tent was finished, we spent the rest of the afternoon reading, racing cars, feeding baby dolls and singing songs... all in the tent. It was a life saver. We even managed to convince Charlie to let us keep it up (in our living room) for at least a week. I think it's a great addition to our decor...

We had a few of our favorite people over for dinner and they loved the tent almost as much as the kids! Do something drastic today... for sanity's sake.

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  1. Oh my! that is too cute. You should enter one of those pictures in this contest.