Sunday, October 18, 2009

val's bridal shower

My sister is getting married. Have I mentioned that? If not, then consider yourself warned. Here's a recap of my life from the time of Friday at lunch until tonight... Pack pretty clothes for sister Val's bridal shower. Buckle Millie G. and baby Stella Belle in the car, turn on the Charlie and Lola movie (thank you, Lord, for the Charlie and Lola movie!), drive 3 hours home. Begin Smith sister's sleepover/movie night.

Make these...

And these...

Drink lots of Dad's good coffee. Go to church. Bridal shower extravaganza begins. Most fantastical food and cakies. Most gorgeous bride to be. Most fun and memories. It was good. Night night!

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  1. can't believe val is getting married! too awesome. miss you guys!