Tuesday, November 24, 2009

gobble gobble

We're leaving this morning for Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving with my family. My iPod is ready with 3 hours of Christmas music (so we don't have to hear any songs twice). Charlie is not as excited about the music as I am, but he understands... aaaand, the "but I might not get a Christmas tree this year," card seems to be working nicely when necessary. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done while we're gone so I'll leave you with a thanksgiving craft...

Turkey mask! It's easy, but time consuming. I plan on making two more during the car ride today. You can do the whole thing by hand, here's how... 1. Cut some felt into the shape of your mask. 2. Cut another piece of felt into a triangle for the nose/beak thingy. I also hand-sewed some fabric to the back of the triangle for extra stability. Attach the beak. 3. Make an embellishment for the top. This one is for little Dean. He gets a crown on top so he can be the turkey king. The girls will get flowers or bows or something frilly. Hand sew the embellishment to the felt mask. 4. Cut a piece of fabric into the shape of the mask and hand sew around all edges for stability (also to hide all the hand sewing jumbaleez on the back). This could also make the mask reversible. Attaching it all together is the most time consuming part. My kids are very excited about wearing these all week. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

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