Wednesday, December 30, 2009

big finish

Hi there. Still on vacation in a cabin on top of a mountain. One of my goals for 2009 was to learn how to crochet. After several failed attempts... I think I've finally got it! Granted, I can only do one stitch (sort of like a chain thingy back and forth... i'm sure it has a real name) but I've got that one stitch down. I'm working on this...

It will be a scarf for Millie G. when it is finished. Pics of the finished project coming soon. So thanks to mrs. pam t. for the crochet basics book. and thanks to mee maw for observing my first few crochet failures and advising me to "just slow down a little bit"... which is actually good advice for all areas of life. OK nighty night! Happy almost New Year's Eve.


  1. i was at an anthropologie store this weekend and thought of you!

  2. Hi! I'm Kelsey, and I just discovered your blog! [I follow richellephant]

    It is most adorable--I don't normally comment on people's blogs when I have just discovered them, but the thing that drove me right over the edge was your scrapbook pages you posted awhile back. They are simply the most perfectly splendid scrapbook pages. Your handwriting is amazing.
    I scrapbook too, when I get the chance, so I fully appreciate all the time you put into that for your hubby.
    I also love Anthropologie (is there another store like it? no, sister.), and I also have been totally captivated forever by the Lord and His overwhelming love...don't we serve a wondrous God!?

    good grief, this comment is getting long, and all I was going to do was say hi and compliment you on your scrapbooking...

    So anywho...have a beautimous day, doing whatever busy things you're doing! Glad to have met you, and -why not- I'll follow you too!
    (Whoa that last bit sounded way too Dr. Seuss...can you tell I hang out with little kids...? :P) LOL.
    love in Jesus,
    Kelsey :o)