Thursday, December 10, 2009

there was this book

Little Dean's pre-K teachers informed me recently that little Dean has an obsession with a particular classroom book. Every day after lunch, the children sit quietly on the rug with a book to read. Apparently, my little Dean is always rushing to finish his Pb&J so the can grab his favorite book from the shelf. If other children get the book first, there are large amounts of drama that ensue until little Dean has the book in his possession. One day, he even got his friend (who eats faster than he does) to sit on the book so that no one else would take it. So, here's the adorable part... ready? Today was little Dean's last day at school in Baton Rouge. The class had a little party for him. He received a balloon, a "cool guy" watch, some army men, a hot wheels car, and... sweetest thing ever... his favorite book! The one from the shelf in his classroom so that no one else can get it after lunch. All the friends in his class signed their names and the teachers wrote some sweet notes that I'm still crying over. Thank you, Mrs. Jen and Mrs. Jamee B.! This is a treasure that we will keep forever!