Saturday, April 17, 2010

it happened so fast

This is Millie G. She is really something. She loves quietly drawing and making lists for hours. She loves lip gloss and aprons. She loves watching Cinderella and talking about ballet. Millie G woke up one morning last week with her hair all pulled back. Like it was in a massive messy bun... but worse. Since I don't usually leave her long curly hair pulled back when she goes to bed, I thought it was strange. I started digging in the "knot" (that looked exactly like a bird's nest... only tangly-er) to find the band or bow or barrette or whatever it could be holding all the hair back. I got my fingers to me middle of the chaos only to squeeze something sticky and chewy. Yes, you've got it... gum. I knew that mayo, or peanut butter or various oils and sauces... o yes, and ice could get gum out of hair. But before I could try any of these methods... I had to find the gum. I put conditioner in her hair and started combing... I combed... and combed... the knot wasn't budging. So I thought, maybe I could just cut around the knot and get the gum and nobody would notice. I got the knot cut off and then she had a nasty curly mullet... like from 1985. Millie G. looked up into the mirror... then her little lips got all sad and a tear rolled down her little face and she said "make it beautiful." So of course I started crying. We went to the salon and the nice lady cut it all off. It really looks cute and fits her personality. So here you have it... the new Millie G. (at least until the hair grows back)...
And one last look at the old Millie G...

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  1. Hi I am new to your blog but I love it already!Your kids are so cute! This post actually made me laugh out loud!(I hate using the phrase LOL..)..especially the thing about you making your daughter's hair into a mullet!

    The fact that you are awesome, creative AND in love with God make your blog my new favorite!