Sunday, April 25, 2010

notes and monsters

Little Dean left this afternoon for a trip to Missouri. Missouri is very far from Georgia. Charlie's parents are vacationing there this week and generously offered to take litlle Dean along. He's been asking every day... "am I going to Missouri today?" "Can we look at Missouri on my map?" "When are we going to Missouri?" I'm also very excited to have a week with the girls all to myself. I made little Dean a note to read for every night of the trip. I remember my mom doing that for me when she went to the hospital to give birth to my youngest sister and it was very special. I can still remember what some of her notes said. I quickly machine sewed some fabric scraps to the front of each note for a little color and texture.

I also made little Dean a scary monster... to scare away any scary things that he might encounter. And also to use as a pillow in the car.

I think he was more excited about the monster than he was about the trip! He said, "this is the coolest monster that I know because he has a bow tie." Anyway, I'll miss little Dean. Lots of girl time blogs this week!