Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new home

The fish painting found a new home above our bed. I want our bedroom to look like Morocco. The fish help with that.

This old window from my grandparent's barn found a new home on this old dresser which is now a bookshelf.

These awesome vintage outdoor lights found a new home above our bar. (more pictures of the bar when our kitchen is clean :)
And here's our new bathroom... still in progress but very chic (if you like bathrooms without faucets and mirrors).


  1. Love it! Love the dress, love the shoes, love everything.

  2. Mel Turner! I was just reading my fav blog that I have to read everyday, and it had a cute canvas painting on it that I liked, so I clicked on it and it sent me to YOUR etsy shop! Small world! Hope you are doing well! My hubs and I are expecting our first son, Gibson, in late Sep. so my world is full of packing up my classroom for the end of the school year and sewing things for our soon to be nursery. Maybe I'll order something from your shop for the nursery. We're painting it in gray, yellow, and white, so if I see anything in your shop in those colors I am definitely buying it!
    -Ashley (Pezent) Turner