Friday, August 20, 2010

we've only just begun

Operation "homeschool five high school girls" is officially underway! I didn't know what to expect.  Preparations for our school year have created every emotion inside my body (from fear to excitement to exhaustion and back to fear). I must say, the first two days could not have been more pleasant. That seems like a funny word to describe this huge task, but it's fitting... pleasant. Not too heavy or dramatic or draining. Not giggly and unprepared... just pleasant.
We start the day with journal/creative writing time. I like watching them think. They seem to be eager to learn and they all agree that "Mrs. Mel's School" (as they call it) is WAY better than dropping out and working at Steak and Shake! I am excited for next week.


  1. Hey Melissa! I LOVE keeping up with you through your blog and I am so inspired by what you are doing for these girls. What an incredible example of God's love you are showing them by loving them enough to guide them towards a better life. You're awesome!

  2. After a sea-how can you, and forget it's blue?........................