Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i like backpack hooks

I wish you could see mornings at our house. It's sort of like a hurricane, 100 meter sprint, jack-hammer, slow motion, fast forward, rewind, whirlwind experience. My Charlie asked what he could do to help make mornings a little easier for me. After a long pause (trying to narrow down the list to things that are actually humanly possible) I said, "BACKPACK HOOKS! I want backpack hooks." So he put three hooks under a shelf near our front door.
It's perfect. It's calming and comforting to look at the backpacks hanging on the hooks while all the absurdity is happening. Hopefully some of you understand how little things like backpack hooks can be a little slice of much needed sanity in a world of kindergarten, preschool, lunchbox, hair bow, school teacher, sticky syrup, chaos. Amen?


  1. Goodness, your house is so pretty! I love your decorating style.
    Yay for little things that make a big difference! That was sweet of your hubby to ask how he could help.
    And the group hug in the third picture is pretty much adorable. :)