Saturday, December 11, 2010

track team

My students are on a very strict "three strikes, you're out" system. The rules are specific, clear, and posted in the classroom. I don't want to be a mean lady, but things seem to go much more smoothly when everyone is following the rules. A few months ago, three of my students found themselves with two strikes. I gave them an offer: I promised to take one of their strikes away if they would run a 5k race. We started training the next day.

This morning was the race. They were amazing little racers! I finished about 10 minutes ahead of them, so I ran back to find them and crossed the finish line with them. They beat their personal goals and were so proud that they finished strong. I think I told them one hundred and ten times that I was proud of them.
Why is Charlie wearing a medal in this picture? So glad you asked! He finished number 14 out of more than 500 people and won 2nd place in his age group! He's a machine!!!!

p.s. only two of the 3 "striked" students ran the race because one got her third strike last week and was forced to choose another route for her education :(


  1. Sooooooo proud of all of you!! Love.

  2. I think this is awesome! Just curious, what are the conditions for a strike?

  3. good question! my rules are:
    no cell phones during school hours
    no lying
    no disrespectful behavior
    no lazy attitude
    no stealing/ cheating
    no smoking
    no drugs/alcohol
    no headphones/mp3 players
    no actions outside school that would give the school a bad name
    no skipping school or unexcused tardies

    most of the strikes given are for disrespectful behavior/lying