Friday, January 7, 2011

first bike date of 2011

I will be homeschooling little Dean for the remainder of his kindergarten career. It's a long, moderately exciting story that ends with a silly person telling us that our child has (and I quote) "pastor's kid syndrome." So, until we find another school, I will be teaching him kindergarten.
Today we rode bikes for one hour around St. Simon's Island, picked an orange off of an orange tree, and went to a coffee shop for hot chocolate. I promise to try to ride bikes with little Dean every Friday during 2011. It's good for both of us.
Anyone else making bike-riding goals this year? You really should.


  1. Um...what is 'pastor's kid syndrome' and why is it a bad thing??

  2. Never heard of it... its a shame, cause he looks SO healthy!

  3. Pastor's kid syndrome is not really anything. It's just what silly teachers say when little boys (who happen to be the child of a pastor) misbehave in class. Maybe because pastor's kids can be rebellious sometimes. I dont know. Anyway, we're all happy now. Dean is perfect and healthy.

  4. i'm betting God would have you homeschool all your babies when the time a mom with three older "pastors kids" i totally get it, and regret not homeschooling them from the beginning.You are a mighty woman of God that simply has creative children....who are blessed with a mom who knows exactly what they need, at all stages, including bike rides.

  5. From someone who was homeschooled her whole life, let me just say you (and Dean) will NEVER regret any time you are able to school him at home.
    I think it's awesome that he can be with his family and learn from mommy and daddy, even though the events that brought it about sound less than pleasant.