Sunday, January 16, 2011

monogram schmonogram

Sometimes we get beautiful hand-me-down clothes from our delightful friends and family members. I love a good treasure from a hand-me-down bag. I pulled this green dress out and knew it would be perfect for Millie g. The only problem was that the white collar was monogramed with someone else's initials. So I ripped the monogrammed thread out and replaced it with this new (and slightly funkier) homemade monogram...
I cut a circle of brown dotted fabric, cut a pink "M" out of felt and sewed it all together. It still needed a little something so added pink rick rack around the edge. Millie g. was happy and so was I.
Holla for hand-me-downs! And keep em comin!


  1. Very cute and creative way to use those hand-me-downs!

  2. Love these pictures!! Great job, oh cool, funky daughter!