Sunday, January 2, 2011

my sister had a baby and happy new year

His name is Nolan. He's pretty much amazing.
We drove home to Mississippi on Christmas day and planned to stay for a few days. Val had a doctor's appointment a few days after Christmas and found out she was pretty far along so we decided to stay a few more days. On Friday morning (new year's eve) we woke up very early and went to the hospital. Val was in lots of pain the night before and decided it was time to go...
Everything was bright and giggly at the hospital until the labor pains really got bad and she kicked everyone out of the room. She got an epidural, got everyone back in the room and apologized for not being "herself" earlier when she was in pain. Really, she is the most adorable thing ever. About an hour later she was ready to push, so she kicked us out of the room again. She pushed 5 times and baby Nolan was born!
Her hair never messed up, her makeup never came off, her earrings were big and she looked gorgeous the whole time. Rude. I love Val and Dustin and baby Nolan! Baby, you're a firework!
We're back home in Georgia now and I've got lots of blogging to do about our trip. Upcoming blogs that you have to look forward to...
1. Christmas in Mississippi
2. MeeMaw's cats
3. Hamburger scrapbook
4. 2011 goals
5. 2010 recap
Have a nice day! Bring it on, two thousand eleven!

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  1. You're pretty amazing, yourself, Buffy girl! This is wonderful . . .a great tribute to your new nephew who has a funny, beautiful, creative, Christ-like aunt to look forward to getting to know, three awesome cousins who will keep him laughing, and a wonderful UNCLE CHARLIE who is the best uncle there will ever, could ever be!!! We love and miss you all!!!