Sunday, January 30, 2011

o yes i did

Three words... light. up. boots. I let baby Stella Belle pick out a little early birthday gift for herself. I was hoping she would like some nice brown boots, but there were no brown boots in her size... only pink with colorful sparkly hearts. These pink boots made baby Stella Belle's face light up, so they were purchased. When we got home and she put them on I saw something that I didn't see in the store... lights.  I broke one of my cardinal rules of cool mom-ness (no shoes with characters or lights). I looked at Charlie and he said, "We only live once, just let her have the lights." I laughed. Double hate when he's right.
Baby Stella Belle danced around for a while in her boots, she slept in them, she wore them to church with a beautiful smocked dress, and now she's taking a nap in them. Happy almost birthday beautiful star!

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  1. Aunt Val likes the lights. Happy almost birthday, SB! Much love.