Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's o.k. to blog about blogging

Hello! Yes, still alive. To all of my faithful blog readers (aka: mom, dad, sisters, carrie d.), sorry bout the infrequent blogs as of late. We're building a snow cone stand called the Snow Shack. It will be at the beach this summer. It has taken over our garage and our computers and our brains and our friends brains and our refrigerator and our bank account. It's gonna be awesome... and lime green. I will be blogging about it a lot. I'm actually considering changing this blog to the Snow Shack blog. Or maybe not. What do you think (mom, dad, sisters, carrie d.... anyone)? So anyway, I hereby do solemnly swear to keep you updated on the Snow Shack and on the random Turner happenings as often as they may occur... at least once a week. I'll try. I'll also try to get the fingernail polish remover out of my bathroom cabinet and take care of this little situation...
ps. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore my little family and our little life? Well, consider yourself told. I am in love with Charlie and our kids and the personality of our family. Every day is funnier and a little more coo coo crazy than the day before, but in an amazing kind of way. That's all.


  1. hahaha mel this made my night! i love you!
    i think the snow shack should share or get its on blog... buffy sunshine can't leave! :)

  2. I just love u....thanks for making me smile today.

  3. Leave it Buffy Sunshine . . . for your dad!!!