Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the story of the little broken leg

One night, the Turner children were enjoying lots of trampoline happiness...
Then this happened...
Baby Stella Belle was rushed to the local emergency room where a doctor took a long look at the x-ray and said, "Well... it aint broke. We'll wrap it up for a few days and she should be back up running around by the end of the week."
A week passed and Baby Stella Belle was NOT running on her leg. Or walking. Or even standing. She would cry if anyone touched it or looked at it or talked about it. The whole family thought she was being a teeny bit dramatic...
We finally decided to go to a "non-emergency-room doctor" for a second opinion. He took a look at his fancy digital x-ray and said...
So baby Stella Belle picked out a pretty pink cast and the whole family apologized for calling her a drama queen. With a little rest and a "get well package" from Mimmee, she should be fine in a few weeks.
The end.


  1. Such a sad story, but you made it so cute!

  2. your kids are ADORABLE.
    I hope Princess Stella Belle heals up fast!