Monday, March 7, 2011

very exciting. very exciting.

We had an action-packed weekend that ended with a tiny bit of drama...
This is how little Dean and Millie g. described it...
Millie g.: "We were playing the statue game on the trampoline."
Little Dean: "It was an accident."
Millie g.: "Rose (their adorable friend) bounced Dean up in the air. Really high in the sky. Like right beside the trees."
Little Dean: "It was an accident."
Millie g.: "Then Dean landed on Stella Belle's knee with his whole body."
Little Dean: "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT."
Millie g.: "It was an accident."

So baby Stella Belle has her first major injury. We will go back later this week to possibly get a "hard cast" put on. They couldn't quite tell if it was broken or not from the x-rays. Either way, we'll be carrying her around like the queen of Sheeba for the next few weeks. Yay.


  1. When my Sydney was 3 she jumped off a relatively low piece of playground equiptment and landed wrong, fracturing her leg from ankle to knee. She had a hip cast for a few weeks and then a walking cast for about 4 more. I won't tell you how much she loved being queen...she didn't even want to use the walking cast when she first got it-she still wanted to be carried! LOL. Poor Stella Belle. I hope she takes to royalty more humbly than mine did!! :)

  2. Well, it sounds like you are taking it pretty well. I think sometimes we mamas take it almost as hard as they do!

  3. Love the 'Queen of Sheeba' comment. Don't they just lap it up when they can! Will be praying for you guys!


  4. Love y'all so much and I'm very sorry Stella got hurt! Thank goodness you found out "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT" :0)