Wednesday, August 17, 2011

homeschool is so cool

Ok... WAY too busy to blog. I have no business sitting with a computer in my lap right now, but I need to share this thing that has taken over our house and our world... like completely taken over... HOMESCHOOL.
Let's talk about it. On Monday morning, Little Dean started first grade and Millie g. started kindergarten. This is my first time for real homeschooling my own children. Basically, I spend the whole day feeling nervous, happy, crazy, content, discontent, organized, coo coo crazy, strong, weak, then back to nervous. That's normal right?
I hope you all are very neat and organized and having a lovely Wednesday evening.


  1. I am sure you are doing a great job! Have lots of fun with it - you will find that it doesn't take much for them to get what they need to know in the first few years of school. My suggestion is to read lots of fun books together - instilling a love of good books is so important. Rachel suggests lapbooks - they have been the most fun part of homeschooling to her. I am sure you will be awesome!

  2. I just realized that you may not know who "Benn's Wife" is - it's me - Mandy Gehman! =-)

  3. Mandy! Yes! Thank you for reading and always offering such kind words! You are still an inspiration to me. I remember watching you with your kids so many years ago. Much love!