Friday, November 4, 2011

buffy's guide to christmas music

I start listening to Christmas music on November 1st. Call me a fanatic. Whatever... I don't care. I like Christmas music. I used to start on Thanksgiving day, but I needed more. Four weeks is not enough for a true Christmas music lover like me. However, there is a science to not getting tired of all the festive jingling music before the big day. Here are my rules...
Don't listen to all your Christmas music in early November! You'll never make it until December 25th by cramming it all in at once. Take a deep breath. Chose one or two Christmas CD's and listen to them only in the car. The WOW Christmas CD's or a Starbuck's mixed CD is perfect for this phase.  Don't over do it and remember... it's o.k. to turn on the non-Christmas radio every now and then if you're just starting out.
Phase 2 starts on Thanksgiving day. I like to mix up the kinds of Christmas music that I'm listening to during this phase. I have three different Christmas playlists on iTunes. One list is only Christmas songs about Jesus. I love Jesus so the old Christmas hymns are my favorite. The second list is "old classic" holiday music. The third list is new Christmas songs or funky renditions of old ones. I listen to Handel's Messiah on Sundays and while we are driving home to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I always watch White Christmas while I'm putting up my Christmas tree. You get it...Mix it up.
Most important rule! Just because your local "all Christmas" radio station is playing Feliz Navidad or Blue Christmas by Elmer Fudd does NOT mean you have to listen to it. Have a CD or iPod nearby incase of this kind of situation. Only during phase three (the week before Christmas) is it even a little bit o.k. to listen to stupid Christmas songs just because they are Christmas songs. Also, don't be a loser and keep listening to holiday music after Christmas. Be better than that. Put it up and save it for next year.

Happy toe tapping!


  1. Me too!!! I always look forward to Christmas, and especially Christmas music. I have pretty much traveled every year for Thanksgiving, and since my college years it has become a tradition to purchase a new Christmas CD every year especially for the trip home from Thanksgiving. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but this year, I have already been anxious for the Christmas music (even some decorations), so now that you say it is OK and told me how to do it, I may just have to begin!

  2. I broke out my Christmas music the other day after reading this! I don't have to feel ashamed anymore for listening to my Christmas tunes so early! ;)

    p.s. your kids are adorable!