Friday, December 9, 2011

9 years down... 100 to go

Our 9th wedding anniversary was this week. We had a very very special date last night. We ate dinner at Sal's Pizzeria on St. Simon's Island. Sal's is owned by Sal... an ex-pro boxer from New Jersey who stands in front of a brick oven all night throwing pizza dough into the air while singing christmas songs along with the loud speakers. He's the cutest. Please support local restaurants... you'll find much cooler people there. OK back to our date...
So we ate pizza and talked about which years of our married life have really been the best, most fun, etc. We laughed about the years when we thought we had everything all figured out, then we almost cried about how this past year we realized that we really don't. After dinner and deep conversation we went to the movies then home to eat ice cream and hug each other.
I love Charlie! He's handsome and smart and a true picture of how the Lord Jesus Christ can snatch up whoever He wants and use them for His good and perfect purpose. Happy heart!

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