Tuesday, April 10, 2012

colorful cakes

We made these little cakes over Easter weekend. Super fun project to do with the kids. Here's how you make colorful little cakes...
I used a simple cupcake recipe. I've used this one for years (replacing all purpose flour with rice flour). Then add one drop of natural food coloring to the prepared batter. I started with pink (stir into batter and fill 6 cupcake tins) then mixed one drop of yellow into the pink batter (creating orange... fill 6 more cupcake tins with orange batter). It might be a good idea to divide the batter into 4 individual bowls, depending how you want the colors to look.
The cupcake tins are only filled about one third of the way with batter. Also, the batter goes directly into a greased cupcake pan... no paper cups. After baking, I cut each tiny cupcake in half and let the kids stack them with all the different bright colors. We put strawberry jelly between each layer then covered the finished cake with homemade butter cream icing and powdered sugar. SO, SO GOOD, people. So good.

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