Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons

I've been busy busy working on these little hot air balloons for Baby Quattro's room. This has been a long, messy project that is turning out adorably. If I had not invited my 7, 6 and 4 year old to help with this project it would have been much faster and less messy... but not nearly as adorable. Sometimes I choose adorable over clean. It's ok. Here's what you need... Newspaper, balloons, glue, water, bucket.
Pour the whole bottle of glue into a bucket and mix with an equal amount of warm water. Stir until glue is dissolved. While you are making the glue mixture, have your children tear the newspaper into long strips.
Next, blow up a balloon and tie it closed. Dip the long strips of newspaper into the glue mixture and smoothly place over the balloon. Continue until balloon is completely covered. *TIP this is very messy. Also, the rest of this project will be much easier if all the newspaper strips are smooth with no bubbles.
Place covered, drippy, sticky balloons in a safe place to dry for a long time... 2 or 3 days. Once balloons are dry have your son pop the balloons with a safety pin (or you can do it yourself if you aren't afraid of loud popping balloon sounds like me). Then begin painting your masterpiece.
At this point, the instructions get a little fuzzy. I let the kids cover little gift boxes with wrapping paper and somehow attached it to the bottom of the ballon with yarn. I repeat... I don't measure things or follow any kind of order when it comes to adorable projects. All I can tell you is lots of glue, lots of crooked hangy tassles, lots of laughing.
 If you need more details, please click HERE to see Martha Stewart's version... it's perfect. I'm working on a third balloon now so there will be three of these above Baby Quattro's crib. I'll share more pics of the whole nursery very soon. Happy messy!

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