Wednesday, June 13, 2012

real life moments: family campout

Hello! Thank you for your kind emails and facebook messages and instagram love and comments about our family campout. I wanted to share a few "real life" moments from our adventure just to let you know that we are real people with real kids and real struggles.
1. See Stella Belle behind that hot dog? She's screaming and crying because I put ketchup on her hot dog and then I turned the weener ketchup side down so she wouldn't get ketchup on her lip when she took a bite. It worked out better in my head. She didn't want me to "spin" the hot dog. She wanted the ketchup on top. So Charlie gladly ate the "spinned" hot dog and I made her a new one with the ketchup on top.
2. This is how the kids spent most of their time in the tent... rolling around on the beds and jumping and causing chaos.
3. Millie G. is NOT a happy camper here. She wanted to wear her new sandals... not her tennis shoes. I took about 6 pictures of her death stare before I finally convinced her to smile because she was being a fun-killer.

See? Real life. It's the real life moments that Charlie and I giggle about at the end of every day. We love our little life.

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  1. Jackson likes his hotdogs nekkid. When he went camping with Kevin, Kevin put lots of ketchup on the hot dogs. I got a phone call after dark to bring new hot dogs and hot dog buns since all the ones at the campsite were "contaminated".

    I love seeing your pictures of the family because I know from experience there are lots of stories to tell about those and the ones that didn't make the cut. Y'all are having so much fun!