Monday, July 9, 2012

and then millie g. broke her arm

Saturday night is taco night for the Turner family. We went to our favorite taco place...
After tacos we stopped by a park within walking distance from the taco place. This particular park is our favorite because it has a bouncy bridge and a super cool sliding monkey bars zipline thing. All three Turner children ran immediately to the super cool sliding monkey bars zipline thing... because it is the best thing ever.
Suddenly (about 30 seconds later) there were only two Turner children hanging from the sliding monkey bar thing.
Dad and (very pregnant... 39 weeks to be exact) Mom ran over to find Millie G. on the ground and she said this...
No, Millie G. we cannot go home. Your arm is all deformed and it "feels crooked" because it IS crooked. Three hours later, x-rays confirmed that the arm was broken and actually needs a surgical procedure to get it all back together.
Keep checking back for Millie G.'s arm updates and click HERE for more Turner kid broken bone drama.

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  1. Oh no! Not fun (fun the way you reinacted it for the camera though!) Hope sister is feeling better soon!