Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY: hand dyed baby shirts

Everybody seems to be dipping various articles of clothing into buckets of RIT dye these days. I had quite a few packs of plain white onesies that needed a little color and few bottles of RIT dye that needed to be used up. Combine that with a couple of rainy afternoons and voila! Colorful baby shirts.
I loosely follow the instructions on the back of the dye bottle. I mean, who really stirs things constantly for 30 minutes? Not me. Maybe 10 minutes... or less. And I never measure the amount of dye that goes into the warm water... just pour a little and then a little more. Then I rinse and wash and let it dry.
Then I painted the front of the shirts with fabric paint, ironed inside out, and done.
FYI: I did this project while I was pregnant. Please don't think I've been crafting or painting or cleaning or sleeping or showering or anything like that for the past 11 days. Ok! Go get a bottle of RIT dye and dye something.


  1. Oh my gosh you rock! And I LOVE the designs....and your kids because they are cuteness overload.

  2. He is without a doubt his daddy's doppelganger, in miniature. You have the cutest babies!