Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hal's name

We knew if we had another boy that he would be named after both of our dads. Charlie and I are both very close to our dads. They have been huge influences in our lives and in the lives of our families. Charlie's dad's name is "Harold." He told me the story once that his mother (Charlie's Grandmother) called him "Hal" for short. Ever since then, I've loved the name Hal. When we looked up the meaning we loved it even more... "Leader of an army." We feel like our kids really live up to the meaning of their names. Charlie's dad is a Pastor and a man of good standing in our community. He leads a different kind of army... battling for The Lord's glory every day. We pray that Baby Hal will lead an army some day. We trust that God has big plans for our little leader.
My maiden name is Smith. Saying this name reminds me of my Dad and the other "Smith men" in my life who I love so dearly... my Dad's dad (PeePaw), my uncle, my brother and even stories that my Dad tells me about his "Grandaddy Smith." These men are the hardest working men I have ever known. I have never seen a day when my dad wasn't busy working, whether it be working to provide for our family or working on some kind of complicated project. We pray that Baby Hal will live up to the Smith name as a hard working, skilled, courageous man.


  1. Love the name! My husband and I both feel the same way about the importance of names...and we named both of our boys with that in mind! So great to find others with some of the same beliefs! New to your blog!

  2. I LOVE the meaning behind the names :-) also your sweet boy is soooo cute! Seriously giving me baby fever :-)

    I knew for years that we were going to name Judah Judah. It means this time I will praise the Lord which is really neat given my testimony, then his last name Judkins means from the family line of those who praise the Lord :-)