Wednesday, August 22, 2012

nail party

Once a week I cut and file my nails and all of my kids nails. Yes, I file them... all of them. Even the boys? Yes. Even the boys. Weird? maybe. For some reason it relaxes me and ensures me 10 to 15 precious minutes of mischief-free nonsense from whichever child I am filing. It takes me about an hour to get everybody (including myself) groomed to perfection. I turn on a movie and sit on the floor and call each kid one at a time for cutting and filing.
Then the girls and I go to the floor of my bathroom and we paint nails. This is my favorite part. Sometimes I let them pick their own colors and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I let them do the painting themselves and sometimes I don't.
This week they both wanted purple with white polka dots. Let's talk about the best invention ever for little girl nails... Crayola Nail Art pen! It works just like a paint pen and it makes perfect little dots.
So we do a few coats of purple, white dots with the pen and a sparkly clear coat on top. Happy girls!

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