Friday, September 28, 2012

goodbye september

It is HOT around here! We played in the sprinklers all morning... like, in our swimsuits with the sun beating down on us. Completely ridiculous. Maybe October will bring some cool weather. I want to wear a sweater! At least I have these cool kids to keep me laughing. They are so nice and cool and smart and ADORABLE! Have a nice weekend and wear some cute sunglasses.


  1. I love all your black and white photos and that mustache onsie is cute! If you'd like to link up on the Photo Friday Blog Hop- you are welcome to add this or any other favorite post.. It's up all weekend. Enjoy! Cheers!

  2. Too much cuteness on my computer screen! Hope you all enjoy the weekend! :)

  3. How cute is that t-shirt! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos of your kiddies!