Tuesday, October 30, 2012

little feather heads

The girls had a costume party at ballet this week. I was in a sewing mood and decided to make two little indian outfits. This was my shopping list...

1 yard Brown polka dot jersey fabric
1 yard Tan jersey fabric
2 pairs of white knee socks
Scrap pink sparkly fabric
1 yard sparkly elastic
The headpieces are made with sparkly elastic. Hot glue feathers on the side and hot glue ends together. Easy.

For the shirts I measured a rectangular piece of the polka dot fabric around each girl. Sew with right sides together and done. Then I sewed a long strip or two of the tan fabric across the top and cut slits to look "fringy." I added a scrap piece of sparkly pink to the front and tied it in a bow behind the neck. Easy.

The girls were so excited and they've worn these costumes every day since the party. Sometimes it's the easiest, cheapest projects that make them the happiest. Make something today!

1 comment:

  1. Your two little ballerina Indians look super cute! The braided piggies really "seal" the deal. Melissa, you've got such a cute family. I'm really happy I found your blog today.