Wednesday, November 7, 2012

recycled thanksgiving: glue designs

I try to make the girls something new to wear to Thanksgiving feast at my parent's house every year. Sometimes I get a very specific picture in my head of how things should look and I cannot sleep until it all comes together. I couldn't find fabric to buy that looked like the fabric in my head, so I decided to declare RECYCLED THANKSGIVING! No cotton jersey fabric is safe. I've cut up t shirts, bathrobes, pajama bottoms, maternity tanks, skirts, and socks... anything white and stretchy.

For Stella Belle's shirt I wanted orange with big polka dots. Lord knows I love a polka dot. Luckily, she had a plain white shirt with a few stains on it. I took some Elmer's washable school glue and freehanded circles all over the shirt (with a magazine inside the shirt to prevent sticking together). You could possibly use a stencil or measure the circles if you are classy, but I'm not so I just went for it.
Let the dots dry for a LONG time. Like overnight or maybe longer. I actually did the front first and then did the back the next day. After the dots were all dry, I dyed the shirt using orange RIT dye. The glue washes off in the washing machine after dying is complete.
I also dotted and dyed the sleeves of a men's t-shirt and a few scraps of a ribbed tank. You'll see them reappear in the near future.
Recycled Thanksgiving project number one cost: $2 (for RIT dye). Stay tuned!


  1. They turned out so cute! Love this idea.

  2. OH that is so very, very clever!

    'just wanted to thank ya for joining me for An Aloha Affair. We have a beautiful team of bloggers hosting this week and I would so love it if you'd join us, again.
    'hope to see ya soon.