Sunday, December 9, 2012

ten year anniversary

That's right! I've been married to Charlie McCoy Turner for exactly ten years. In good times and bad, sickness and health, for richer or poorer, house or apartment, hot or cold, fighting or not fighting, jobs and no jobs, Alabama to Tennessee to Louisiana to Georgia, laughing and crying, coffee and tea, road trips and running races, sweeping and dusting, hugs and kisses... we've pretty much covered it all over the past ten years.

So ten years ago, when I was super skinny and selfish and clueless about life, I would talk about our ten year anniversary. I wanted stupid things like a bigger diamond in my engagement ring or a trip to Hawaii or something from Tiffany's. And then ten years of life happened, and 4 kids happened, and real things happened to us, and I've found myself in this strange place. A peaceful, content, happy place. A wonderful place. I told Charlie that I wanted a simple date night for this anniversary... because that's my favorite thing... just dinner and coffee and walking and talking.
After my nice in laws picked up the kids for a sleepover, we grabbed a couple of wedding cake cupcakes from a cute place downtown and they gave us SPARKLERS! So cute. Then we went to Fancy Q's for sushi and Charlie said he had a surprise. Then he said these words... these precious, adorable words... "After dinner, we're going to Lowe's and buying all the supplies to finish one of your house projects." I almost jumped across that table and kissed him! Seriously, he never looked more handsome to me than he did in that single moment. He understands that I constantly have house projects going in my head and drawings all over our house of things I want to do. So we finished our food and headed to Lowe's. And that, my friends, was my favorite anniversary yet. Ten years down, one hundred to go.

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  1. What a great celebration! Happy anniversary to 2 of my favorite people!