Sunday, January 6, 2013

365 days of exercise... week one

Hello! And a warm welcome to the year 2013. I've made my list of challenges for this new year. I love new year's goals and this is one that I'm super excited about. I'm challenging myself to do some sort of exercise every single day this year. I'm an exercise-ish person anyway, so I thought it may be fun to see if I could stick to it. I'm not trying to lose weight or make my body look drastically different, I just like physical activity and I feel better when I make myself do it. I also want to encourage any other thirty-something homeschool mothers of four children with a non functioning thyroid that YOU CAN DO THIS! You can exercise! We don't have a gym membership and I'm almost always with my children, so this a real life person challenging her real life self to do something good. Check back weekly-ish to see my daily pics. I don't want to get on instagram's nerves by posting my daily workouts, so I'll just share them here as often as I can. Join along with me! Do it!
Day 1. 45 minute walk with Stella Belle in the stroller
Day 2. Early morning kickboxing DVD
Day 3. Zumba DVD (with the kids)
Day 4. Yoga X (while the kids watched a movie)
Day 5. 30 minute run/walk (no kids)
Day 6. 100 situps & 30 push ups with Stella Belle on my back


  1. I have four kiddos too (ranging from 11-3 mon). I am going to attempt this too- starting this week! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yes! Join along! I just checked your blog and you are too cute. Thanks for stopping by!