Tuesday, January 29, 2013

365 days of exercise... weeks 3 & 4-ish

Still exercising over here! I'm trying to give myself a variety, while I use what I have access to on a regular day. I run/walk when Charlie is home and I pull here and there from our P90X dvd stash. We also have XFinity on Demand which has a fitness workout channel with some great 20 minute workouts. Keep up! Work it out!

Day 16: Kempo X
Day 17: Cardio Jazz DVD
Day 18: Butt Burn workout (with my MBT shoes on)
Day 19: Yoga X
Day 20: 45 minute walk with Hal in stroller
Day 21: Ab Burn workout (Shape Magazine)
Day 22: Yoga with kids (30 minutes)
Day 23: Cardio X
Day 24: 30 Minute walk/run
Day 25/26: Cleaned house to fast music 4 hours each day (Charlie out of town, kids at in laws)
Day 27: Leg workout with Millie
Day 28: 30 minute walk/run

1 comment:

  1. hmmmm this is particularly awesome! I must try something similar i think.

    KUDOS for your 28 days of consistent butt kicking!