Monday, February 25, 2013

painting with celery

My girls love leggings. Every so often I find a pair that is in need of a little bling before it makes a trip to the donation drop box. These brown leggings were faded and raggedy so I pulled out my summer camp craftiness skills and painted flowers with celery. All you need is old leggings, fabric paint and celery...
I stuffed the inside of each leg with plastic grocery bags so the paint wouldn't go through to the other side. Cut the stems off the celery stalk to create a flower shaped stamp. Squirt a little paint on a magazine page, dip the celery bulb in the paint and stamp onto the leggings. Let dry for a few hours, iron the leggings inside out to set the paint and done! This is a fast and easy project for kids.

I'm sure there are many, many other versions of this project on Pinterest so feel free to search there if you need a more detailed tutorial or other celery stamping ideas.

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