Tuesday, April 23, 2013

and then i blinged out my chacos

I've had my one and only pair of Chacos since the year 2000. They hold a special place in my heart because I bought them when I was working at a super cool summer camp. I've worn them in Africa, the Cayman Islands, Mexico and New York City. I call them my "souvenir shoes." I love them. However, the straps are a little out of style. Every birthday I say I'm going to just buy a brand new pair of Chacos, but then I'm like, "but what would I do with the old ones? Give them away? no. Sell them? no. Keep them and have two pairs? maybe." And then I just choose something else for my birthday present. You can re-strap your Chacos, which is what I was just about to do when I had this brilliant, glittery idea. BLING THEM OUT! I spent $2 on gold ribbon the exact width of my straps and $1 on gold thread. I figured if it turned out horribly, then I will order new straps from the website. I got busy stitching the gold ribbon and I LOVE how it turned out.
It took me one week (about an hour each day of hand stitching) and $3 to give my beloved Chacos a brand new look. They will come in especially handy two days from now when we leave for our Turner Family Disney Campout! Don't be afraid to bling your Chacos.

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