Wednesday, May 1, 2013

disney campout part two

Dean married Belle. Or at least that's what he thinks and it is so hilarious that we aren't telling him any different. The cute little Disney worker said, "Whoever has the loudest ROAR gets to dress up like the Beast when we act out the story of Beauty and the Beast." Of course I knew that any one of my four children would win this honor. In the end Dean roared louder than anyone has ever roared, so he got to wear the cape. Then beautiful Belle came in and they acted out the story and fell in love and she kissed him on the cheek and he thinks they got married. Magic.

Camping at Disney is different from any other kind of camping. We didn't have to bring bikes and skateboards and games because there is literally something to do every second of the day (and night)... even at the campground. I loved it. We did leave the Magic Kingdom for a few hours the first day so we could explore the campground and swim and do some "campy" things. We also did something very non-campy/ non-Disney and found a Whole Foods down the road. We left a few times and got food there for a healthier/ more affordable dining experience. All in all, the trip was wonderful. If you are considering a family campout, Disney should be on your list for sure! Just be warned that Disney camping is nothing like "regular camping."

Stay tuned for posts about Recycled Disney Clothes and my top 10 family camping tips.

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  1. Shut up, your crew is adorable! Way to brave the camping out, you're a better woman than I.;) Cute blog momma!