Saturday, May 25, 2013

millie is seven

Millie Grace is seven years old. That sounds so old! She has always had an "old soul" and seems so mature for her age. We love her so, so much and had the best time celebrating yesterday. We started the day with donuts, then a trip to Savannah. We met up with two of our favorite artsy church friends who only frequent the coolest places in Savannah. They introduced us to what could possibly be the freshest coffee shop we've ever entered, Foxy Loxy. After coffee and presents we shopped, ate pizza, people watched, giggled and headed back home for our family fiesta! Delicious tacos, an ugly cake and a Pinata named Sprinkles... perfect. Millie, you are so special. I'll always be jealous of your calm, determined spirit. We love you!

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  1. what a great party! I love all the looks like it was so much fun!