Wednesday, May 29, 2013

recycled disney clothes

Did you think we were done talking about Disney? NOPE! I made these outfits for this girls out of fabric scraps and old clothes. They wanted to wear "Minnie Mouse clothes" and this is what I came up with. I knew they couldn't wear an itchy costume all day and I couldn't bear the thought of them wearing a plain old t-shirt and shorts... so here we have a happy medium.
The red polka dot fabric was left over from a Christmas project a few years back. The black and yellow jersey knit are old shrunken t-shirts. Everything else was found deep in the corners of my sewing closet and pieced together. Millie's pants were old leggings with a little ruffle added around the bottom. I made Stella's pants using my one and only ruffle pants pattern. The tennis shoes take about 37 cool points away from the cuteness, but that's really the only shoe option for walking in the Magic Kingdom.  I sort of gagged every time I looked at their feet that whole day, but they didn't seem to mind.
The highlight of the whole Disney trip for me was when Cinderella (that's right... CINDERELLA!) asked them if someone made their outfits for them. They said "our mom made them" and Cinderella said to me, "Why, these are the fairest clothes I've ever seen! Sleeping Beauty and I were discussing how delightful they looked when we saw them standing in line." I smiled and said thank you and refrained from curtseying. That was a HUGE compliment considering how many thousand outfits she must see every day. I also made Hal's Mickey Mouse suit from old T-Shirts...
Happy Recycling!

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  1. Cinderella TALKED to you??? I'm so jealous.... ;) lol