Tuesday, June 11, 2013

our summer schedule

Alternate title for this blog post... "How to manipulate your kids into letting you work out and get a tan." I love summer! Don't we all? Summers at my house seem to be more enjoyable when we stick to some sort of routine. I read THIS blog and it got me excited about surviving summer without spending a jillion dollars and/or having kids who are bored to death.
I posted our schedule on the chalkboard so everyone can see it. We start the daily routine every day after breakfast (around 9am). The kids read and write in their journals then they go outside for exercise. I use this time to watch the Today show and do either a p90x dvd or Jami Eason live fit workout. I get a good 30-45 minute workout while the kids get fresh air and lead each other through obstacle courses and relay races. Then they come inside and we finish the rest of the schedule, eat lunch, then do our "daily adventure."
Here's how I use the "daily adventures" as a way to get a tan...
Make it Monday. I'll say something like, "let's make a sand castle at the beach!" or "let's make a sculpture of sticks by the lake!" or "let's make something fun to slide on in the sprinklers!" So they make something while I watch them.
Take a trip Tuesday. We take a trip to the beach, pool or water park.
Wet Wednesday. Again... beach, pool or water park.
Thinking Thursday. We research things like how many strokes it takes to swim from point A to point B or how fast we can run through all the sprinklers in our backyard.
Friend Friday. We meet a friend at the beach, pool or water park.

We have had some creative indoor adventures on rainy afternoons, but all other days are mostly water related. How are you spending this summer?

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  1. What a fun summer! We have a schedule too.. a little different then yours because my kids are a little younger than yours but I loved it last year because no one was bored and we had things to look forward to!