Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunshine Magazine

Hi! I'm starting a magazine. It's called Sunshine Magazine. I've been working on it for a long, long time.

"But I thought you just opened an online store like two months ago called TurnTurn!" You're right. I did. And then something amazing happened and I sold EVERY SINGLE ITEM in the store. And then I had to ship all that stuff and I said, "NO!" "NO,NO!" NO MORE SHIPPING!" And I realized while I was standing in line at the post office for the fifth day in a row that the online store business was not the life for me... NO!

"But what about birthday signs and party hats?" You can still order custom things on my old Etsy shop. Click HERE or on the button on my sidebar that says, "Buy my stuff."

"But what is going to happen to Buffy Sunshine?" "Will you keep blogging?" "Why are you taking all these pictures when you don't even have a blog?" Calm down. (That last question is an exact quote of my mother from Hal's birthday party) I know some of you start breaking out into a rash when you think about change or your eye starts twitching or whatever. It's ok. Take a deep breath. I will still blog here... sometimes. It will be less frequent than in years past... HOWEVER... Sunshine Magazine also has a blog if you need to see a little more of me than what I can give you over here. Also, I post photos on instagram almost every day and that's a great way to stay updated with our fam.

So stay tuned for all the details about Sunshine Magazine... it is going to be so fun! You can click the link on the sidebar any time and join me at the mag.

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