Thursday, March 26, 2009

coffee filter flower

It started harmlessly enough. Just a simple crafting project to pass the time with Millie G. We wanted to make a flower... and so we began. An hour later, it was time for Millie G.'s nap and I... well... I couldn't stop! I was glittering and glue-ing and twisting and sprinkling... sad really. Anyway this glittery flower came from coffee filters and simple around the house crafting supplies. I thought it would be nice of me to share with all of you about how to make one for yourself... incase you might ever need a glittery coffee filter flower for any reason.
Here are a few supplies that I used. Feel free to incorporate anything else!

The MUST-HAVES are: coffee filters, spray glue, tape.

Begin by flattening out a coffee filter until it looks like a circle. Then tear or cut other coffee filters... each one will be a gradually smaller circle than the last one. Decorate each coffee filter as you see fit... paint, marker, pens. Cut some petals from cute wrapping paper or scrapbook paper (I used a light peach-y color) and glue 'em down. Then place the largest filter on the "stem" (I used a dowel rod) by sticking the stem through the center of the flower. Hold in place with small amount of tape. Do the same with remaining filters... some on top and underneath the largest one... holding each in place with small amounts of tape. I added some curling ribbon between some of the layers for a little pizzaz! When it looks like a flower you can start spraying the heck out of it and shaking glitter here and there. Add a little note to the stem and DONE!
Our flower's final destination was in the hands of Ms. Jordan Smith who swept the title of George County's Jr. Miss last Saturday night. She happens to be my cousin and Millie G.'s hero. Everyone loved the flower and the trail of glitter it left for miles around. Good thing a little glitter never hurt anybody!  Make a mess with some glitter today!

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